Diplo’s first release since his February EP Europa, American producer dropped “Hold You Tight” yesterday, March 27, paired with “Bubble Up.” Since the upbeat rhythms and culturally new sounds in Europa, Diplo demonstrates his flexibility in the music industry with these two tracks. “Hold You Tight” and “Bubble Up” are both tracks taken from an upcoming house EP by Diplo.

Both tracks have staple house elements, and spin electronic dance music to a deep bass disco sound. The lyrics in “Hold You Tight” are repetitive with “I’ll hold you tight // all through the rain // anything that you want // all through the rain…” The song is slightly over 5 minutes and has a consistent pattern of build up, lyrical repetition, and a classic house bass. The classic sound continues in “Bubble Up,” an instrumental house track with a fixed build up towards a deep and balanced beat.

Both tracks are perfect for dancing, like the majority of Diplo’s music, and set an introduction to the house EP coming from Diplo. Listen to “Hold You Tight” and “Bubble Up” now on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Written by Stephanie Regan