Zella Day is back on tour after nearly a five year hiatus from the music industry. Taking time to restart, refresh, and begin anew in her passions, she is now back with new music and a fresh sound.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Zella Day began music at age nine. “It’s more like music found me,” she stated in our interview. She released her debut album, Powered by Love, in 2009, when she was only fourteen. Later following a series of collaborations with big names, she gained attention of her first label, and after signing, debuted Kicker, in 2015 and reached critical acclaim. After a round of tours, Zella Day took her leave from the industry for nearly five years.

She has since taken the pandemic as an opportunity to reveal new music to the world, to bring life to the writing and the music she curated. Her EP, Where Does The Devil Hide, not only offers a fresh take on her sound, but may be setting a trend for musicians in the future. She released another few singles (including her latest single, “Golden“) before setting off on tour with the Silversun Pickups as a special guest throughout the state of California.

Zella Day began a short few week tour through the state of California. On Tuesday, September 14th, she joined with us in Sacramento at the Ace of Spades.

As the stage was set for her to play, a backtrack of birds whistling played in the background as the audience became hushed in wait. Then she appeared with her band, whistling along with the birds before she began to sing. Alongside her were two others, who switched between playing different instrument. The set was intimate and acoustic in feel. With no drummer, the guitar strums offered the primary tempo. And showcased in full display, Zella Day’s vocals lilted and swayed to much praise from her audience.

Zella’s vocals evoked so much emotion in the weight of each word she sang. She expressed her gratitude of being in front of an audience again, and she talked of facing writer’s block and being back out of it again.

People ask me what it takes to get through writer’s block. It’s like this deafening sound where creativity can’t get through.

~ Zella Day

Her words were spoken out to the crowd gently, as if she were singing a lullaby. Throughout each track, she gently swayed her audience into a state of calm. We chatted with her after her performance. Watch what we chatted about here!

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Zella Day! Stream her music below!

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