“Youngin'” By Jay Is an Honest Banger

Album Art By Frank Ramirez

The song was written in 2020, in the midst of a lot of police violence and protests. I attended many protests around that time, as I wanted to help bring awareness to the situations that many African American people have faced, contributing to worsening mental health and stress for many of us faced in dangerous, race related situations. I myself have experienced many scary situations with police officers that made me worry for my own life, and impacted my views on society at times, thus I wanted to make a song that represented those feelings for others to understand the effect it may have on a person, and the “triggers” that may come with it.

Jay on “Youngin'”

Created at a pivotal moment when police brutality and race discrimination were topics at the forefront of the world, the song “Youngin'” by Jasun Ramirez, better known by his stage name “Jay,” paints a portrait of a young African American man navigating an unrelenting society and the emotional “triggers” that come with it. Conveying articulate lyricism, the motifs found off the single voice concerns of the new generation while blending with the sounds and beats often associated with old-school hip-hop. Representing a time capsule for the early 2020’s, this conscious banger has a sonic “chill” to keep you engaged and a poetic substance that will make each listen all the more special.

Courtesy of Jay

Diving straight in, a collage of melodic samples, bass, and rich tape hiss (indebted to the track being mastered on cassette) combine at the beginning to create a “classic” feel in the mix. With the introduction of an organic-like modular beat, Jay’s effortlessly smooth flow enters the picture with an air of cool and collectiveness. Simple in execution, the instrumentals portray the song’s mood while also being the backbone for the best feature off the track: the vocals. Narratively dense, “Youngin'” does an excellent job of joining subjective thematic stanzas with straightforward, in-your-face verses.

I was walking down the street, 

With a soda and can, 

He was looking for his quota, 

In a black man, 

Beat me black and, 

He was laughing, 

I was frantic, 

I was spazzing, 

Then the crowd watched, 

They was clapping, 

Apprehend him, 

He’s a savage, 

He’s a criminal, 

He’s a bastard, 

Where was my God, 

I’m abandoned…

Lyrics to “Youngin'” by Jay

Through the stream-of-consciousness story, we witness the mental decline of a character that unfairly lives life on the edge due to the color of his skin. As the protagonist experiences a horrific run-in with the police that leaves him battered and humiliated, his view of society becomes solidified, while PTSD “triggers” sadly become his norm. Though not a happy ending, Jay’s narrative in “Youngin'” sheds one more light on systemic issues facing the African American community and does so in a creative, meaningful, and thought-provoking way. With chill beats, cool melodies, awesome bars, and a captivating story, “Youngin'” should definitely be under your radar.

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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