“Your Body Is Music” is a Chill Summertime Vibe Love Song by SODAPOP

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SODAPOP is a producer living in Santa Barbara, CA, who makes upbeat indie/bedroom pop. He spent the past two years trying to simultaneously travel the world, save money, and write a ton of songs. He now has a filled-up passport, but isn’t doing too hot on the money front (with roughly -$14 in his bank account). But at least he has some fresh tunes ready for release!

“Your Body Is Music” is his newest single and just in time for the warmer weather to start rolling in because this song just oozes chill summertime vibes. Pulling influences from Joao Gilberto and Earth Wind and Fire, SODAPOP fuses together bossa nova, funk, and pop into this track. After trying to write this song for a while, both lyrically and arrangement-wise, he explains,

Everything kinda came together when I had the idea to “respond” to the lyrics with different instruments/effects.

Pleasant instrumental melodies set the backdrop for the sweetly-toned vocals and loving lyrics. It’s a danceable tempo, which makes sense given the song’s title and lyrical content. The music balances harmoniously with the lyrics – every beat is well-paced against each word. A hypnotic chorus shimmers among the rest of the cheerful production elements, building out the bright emotions in the music. “Your Body Is Music” is a cute track that will undoubtedly elevate your mood.

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Elena Lin Administrator
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