“Wrong Ones” is Juliette Reilly’s Latest Pop-Optimistic Song

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Juliette Reilly‘s latest single, “Wrong Ones”, is right on brand with the “pop-optimistic” style she is known for. Juliette is a singer/songwriter who was raised in New Jersey and now lives in Nashville. She strives to inspire young people around the world to stand up for themselves and believe in what they can do. Since 2015, she has been releasing inspirational originals and covers, actively participating in anti-bullying campaigns, and creating theme songs for non-profits.

Given Juliette’s impressive dedication to positive messaging, it’s little surprise that “Wrong Ones” is a song that sends a positive message, despite the seemingly deceptive name. Starting off, it features a subtle yet bubbly melody with percussive overtones. During the chorus, a heavier drum line and synth sneak in to pick up the pace.

The lyrics explore different experiences of getting hurt by people who have different expectations or are not as they seem, resulting in sadness and heartbreak. But the chorus is resoundingly upbeat, saying: “Nobody’s perfect, but you’re perfect for someone. You’re just talking to the wrong ones.”

The message? You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s going to hurt sometimes, but there is someone who will appreciate, understand, and love you. You just need to find them and talk to them – the right ones.

You can stream the song today and listen to it below.

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