“Worthy” in Being a Man

 KIDS is continuing their genre-bending artistry with the release of their latest single “Worthy,” the first of many in 2023. This follows the release of their previous and breakthrough debut tracks “Alcohol & Cigarettes” and “Settle Down, along with follow up single “Night Bus.”

Dealing with early breakups and growing up in the capital, KIDS’ music tells the story of band leaders Beau Blaise and Alex Harvey, life-long friends writing to share their own stories of growth. They have established a devout fanbase from a string of live performances, and are keen to get their music out into the world.

“Worthy is an admission of guilt to the negative aspects of masculinity. It talks about the self-destructive side of dating without an end goal- not being ready to commit and in the process hurting yourself and others around you because of your own insecurities.

“It is a discussion on masculinity, how a lot of men are taught to fight through their problems without fixing or resolving the issues that cause them.”

With a strong acoustic start and incredibly unique vocals that follow, “Worthy” is a release that you won’t want to miss. The rhythm of the track is so easy to fall into, its consistent, catchy, changes pace and adds varied sound in the chorus to keep the entire listen fresh and exciting.

Overall, “Worthy” sees the band in a warm and reflective guise. Through the lyrics and vocal performance, KIDS confront the issues that masculinity can cause on both mental and physical health. Their contemplative spirit is paired perfectly with a bright and infectious groove throughout, and the single ends with a choir of vocal excellence sure to get anyone into the right reflective zone.

KIDS can be found for upcoming releases and more on Instagram and Facebook.

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