Previously known for his expertise in disco and dance genres, Woofly has just released Shooting Stars, where he moves away from his roots and delves into more of a psychedelic sound. The EP came out on December 3rd, and in collaboration with Ritual Release, brings in talents like rock masters Django Django and ex-Poolside founding member Turbotito.

Moving from London to LA at just eight years old, Woofly, also known as Simon James, knows it all when it comes to the music industry. Throughout his life, he has hopped from records and projects like Rong Music, James Murphy’s indie dance stable, DFA, and others. What he has brought and continues to bring to the modern disco genre is exponentially valuable, and the release of Shooting Stars only proves how authentic and creative the work of Woofly true is.

“It’s a song of hope I wrote for my daughter Neeve. Musically, I was going for magical and dreamy, like when I went to see The Cure as a young lad, but also anthemic like a Queen stadium-filler. The bells are bringing a childlike playfulness and the big drums distinguish the song from the start, like, say, Massive Attack’s Hymn Of The Big Wheel. Once I had them, all the other parts started falling into place.”

~ Woofly, on title track “Shooting Stars”

“Shooting Stars” sounds like it came directly out of the most pleasant dream a person could ever have. Released slightly earlier than the rest of the EP, this track holds the perfect motivational message of how the world changes, and at any chance presentable we should take ahold of the altering grounds and make it fit to our own likings. With gituar, a twinkling xylophone, and soft pads all working together in an etheral harmony, “Shooting Stars” is an absolute golden find for anyone interested in a pep talk combined with a happy serenade.

“Shooting Stars – Turboito Remix” and “Shooting Stars (Django Django’s When Authority Attacks Remix),” although both heavily inspired by the title track, each have different sounds to highlight the different collaborators stregnths. At the beginning, “Shooting Stars – Turboito Remix” sounds completely different from the original. Later in the track, however, Woofly’s vocals are placed on top of a well-paced marimba and electronic gituar. “Shooting Stars (Django Django’s When Authority Attacks Remix)” completely recontructs the original, bringing the pace to a slow, and featuring synth noise produced by the drummer and producer Dave Maclean. It focuses on the chants Woofly made in original, mainly being the line “I want my planet back” and the strength it holds when presented alone.

“At The End Of My Reach” ends the EP as a new original, last but definetely not least. The synth presented and carefully plucked gituar carries the sound effortlessly throughout the entire track. Woofly’s vocals are once again carefully placed amoung the beats, and with this final touch, produces a system of what could only be described as the perfect song to bring in a cold evening, welcomed by stars and the shining moonlight alike.

Shooting Stars can also be found on SoundClound.

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