Woody Tries To Figure Out Love In ‘I Can’t Believe It’

“To see is to believe”, this is a statement often uttered when relating to unnatural events. Not by any means to show hate or to insult to another. Saying this is part of human nature, to cast doubt when something just doesn’t sound right. It’s part of a mental procedure as we try and wrap our head around what was said or read. Think of it as a computer analyzing a recently downloaded file from the internet.

This process shines bright in British musician Woody’s latest song entitled ‘I Can’t Believe It’. Released March 29th in all major streaming platforms worldwide. This latest offering from Woody, depicts an individual as they go through an indecisive romp caused by love. “Will they or won’t they?”, this is the question the permeates the entire track as the love currently being experienced is questioned. “Maybe I’m over reacting. Maybe I like complications of the simple things. Maybe I don’t know how to leave or I just don’t believe things could be easy.” as the lyrics would say.

With seductively sweet vocals and smooth like butter instrumentals, Woody breaks the hard facts to us listeners. While love is worth the gamble, the intentions of the supposed lover should be examined too. Most especially when other people outside of the relationship are warning you – “They keep telling me that I’m just a fool. It can’t be true there’s no future for me and you.”. Sure all this noise could just be haters, but if the echoes from these voices start screaming then you might just have to a bit of considering.

Like a coin, there’s another half of it all. While Woody invites us to be inquisitive and to dig further. One of the most important lessons imparted in Woody’s ‘I Can’t Believe It’ is that one of self reflection. For every partnership or couple to work, it’s also fair that you take a long look at yourself as well. Determine what you can or can’t offer and use that as a guide. If you feel like there’s doubts bubbling to the surface that’s fine. Its normal and nothing to be worried about whatsoever. Hopefully next time when love comes knocking on your door again, you’ll sing a different tune and say ‘I Believe It’ instead of ‘I Can’t Believe It’.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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