Will Jay Releases Euphoric New Single, Where Planes Don’t Fly

Will Jay starts off 2022 strong with his latest single, “Planes Don’t Fly.” No stranger to emotional storytelling, Will Jay tells the chilling story of a girl who gets caught up in party culture. Holding nothing back, Will Jay details her inevitable downfall and descent into the lonely and destructive world of drugs. Will Jay offsets the heavy topic by creating an ethereal piece of artwork for listeners to experience. As Will Jay explains, “With ‘Planes Don’t Fly,’ I wanted the lyrics to tell a story. The melodies take you on a journey and hopefully you see the story in your head. I wanted to create a musical movie for listeners, in the same vein as The Beatles and Frank Ocean.”

“Always been alone and to prove this

A drunken ballet swinging side to side

Does she even care there’s no music?”

Planes Don’t Fly, Will Jay

It’s safe to say that “Planes Don’t Fly” delivers on each and every one of these objectives. The lyrics expertly set the vivid and desperate party scenes while the layers of keyboards and drums illicit warm and dream-like feelings that vibrate throughout the body. With each new iteration of the chorus, listeners are transported to another plane of existence: a liminal space where planes don’t fly.

The latest single is only the first in a series dedicated to the many personalities that Will Jay has experienced in the hills of Los Angeles. “Planes Don’t Fly” is now streaming on all platforms. Be sure to give the song a listen and maybe check out some other fan favorites like “House I Used to Call Home” and “Lies“. The only way to make sure that you’re up to date with Will Jay and all the rest of your favorite artists is to stay tuned with Glasse Factory!

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