A show with two headlining bands is always exciting because it feels more like a showcase of talent for all the bands who go up on the stage rather that one band over the other, which can be a really good thing when all of the bands are as good as The Nude Party and White Reaper. Last Tuesday on October 29th, I kicked off my Hallo-week at Songbirds with some indie rock with a 60’s twang music from The Nude Party and classic rock with a splash of early 2000’s grunge from White Reaper.

Ironically, this had been my second time seeing The Nude Party live in Chattanooga, TN. The first time I saw them was when they opened up for Dr. Dog at the Signal earlier this year in March. Unknowing to who the band was, that night I became a fan, which made seeing them this time all the better. This six-piece band, each with their own instruments, took the jam session to the next level. One guy on the keyboard, one on bongos/tambourine/maracas, one on a drum pad, and three on different kinds of guitars, the stage was a circus of talent. To point out just one sound produced by the band wouldn’t do them justice. The fun stage presences and aesthetic of the band combined with the hazy twang of the lead guitar riffs made me feel as if I had time traveled to a concert back in the 60’s. At a certain point as I noticed the entire band in hardcore head shaking jam mode, I looked around to see an audience that was almost perfectly in sync with the head shaking themselves.


White Reaper didn’t waste any time and brought the energy in on blast with their opening song and didn’t let it dwindle all night. In almost every song they performed, each instrument was being used at full throttle sending the crowd into a high energy mosh for the rest of the night. The instrumental aspects of the band combined together to make for a great classic grunge rock sound, and the 2000’s pop/punk sounding vocals of lead singer Tony Esposito is the cherry on top. What stood out the most to me was affect that the twinning lead guitars gave to the fluidity and energy of the sounds produced by the band. Already into almost every song played, the crowd only increased their energy when the band performed their hit song “Might Be Right”, which was their lead teasing single released before their most recent album “You Deserve Love”. To say the least, my night was filled with great bands that instilled nostalgic feelings of music from decades past and extremely pleased enjoyment of current jams.


Coverage by Gabrielle Lasater

Photography by Ana Leonard


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