Weal’s Audio-Visual “Particle Jump” Explores The Depths of Nervous Breakdown

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Scandinavian Rock Noir artist Weal creates a synesthetic experience via the cinematic music video for their single “Particle Jump.” This feature from their debut album “Calm” takes you down the rabbit hole of a “nervous breakdown” through swelling musical roller-coaster moments. The accompanying visual takes you through a girl spiraling into complete panic mode as she feeds more and more into her restlessness, paranoia and fear.

If you feel up for the occasion to explore Weal’s take on what a nervous breakdown sounds like, you might consider giving this song a listen. Perhaps you’ll find some familiarity and solace among the building harmonies that bring to life feelings oftentimes difficult to articulate in words. Check out this short, 3-minute hybrid dream pop/post rock song and video to tap into Weal’s interpretation of a nervous breakdown through purely instrumental “Particle Jump.”

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