Artwork by: Marten Sion @martension

“Headlights” was probably the hardest track to make on this album, as we had about 50+ revisions made of this one. ‘’In your silence’’ talks about how you don’t wanna be alone during this mentally tough time we had during 2020 and 2021. You just want to be with someone even if it is in complete silence.” — WATEVA

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Inspired by the emotions of fear, stress, and detachment that quarantine brought, Estonian electronic music producers Hugo Martin Maasikas and Kris Evan Säde released their latest single “Headlights feat. Stefan” on Friday. This track explores the feeling of a dystopian society where the planet is polluted to a place of complete turmoil, while killing almost all of our species through nuclear wars. Their debut album Disposable Society (coming this summer) gives a first hand experience into how the remaining human existence is bleak and frightening– if humans continue to take the planet for granted. 

Photo credit: Rauno Liivand @r.liivand

The duo met in 2016, tired of Drum n Bass and eager to experiment by combining warped synths, growling basslines, and chugging rhythms to create a devastating and infectious sound. They also wanted to take the opportunity to visually develop a unique and mysterious aesthetic with their new project, deciding to both dye their hair white and wear white and black contacts that conceal the color of their eyes. The look is undeniably cool and captivating, which is exactly what they were going for with their entrance into a new world.

This house project represents their freedom to make something weird and unique — an output to create “whatever” comes to their minds. Their hit singles, “Why We Lose” & “On & On” gained worldwide recognition and charted at the top of the Spotify Viral Charts.
 Kris even signed his first record deal when he was only 13-years-old! 

Stefan is an Estonian singer and songwriter who was born in Viljandi but of Armenian origin. During his professional singing career, he has managed to establish himself seriously and positively in the domestic music scene. Stefan is currently working on major collaboration projects in Estonia and abroad.

This release is also accompanied by one of the most captivating and uniquely animated lyric videos made by Shard FX’s Marten Sion who also created the artwork. Perhaps this eerie glance at the future is what the world needs to sew new seeds of appreciation and hope for a better future. 


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