Sara Kays has dropped a new breakup song that needs to be played on repeat. “Watching TV” is a new track for all the people out there who were dumped out of the blue. This 23 year old talent has really created a song that deserves lots of recognition. Imagine thinking everything is fine with your bae and then boom, they leave you. Sara expresses in her song how the relationship seemed fine, sitting back watching reruns on tv, feeling happy when you see your significant other walk through the door. The relationship takes a sudden shift and all of that fades as Sara writes about the breakup happening out of nowhere. She lists in the verses a few reasons why she thinks her ex would suddenly dump her. Reasons like avoiding a call, being late to her ex’s house, conversations that maybe should’ve been kept in her head. All of these things still don’t seem like valid reasons for her ex to just up and leave with no explanation. Sara shared on her instagram that it took her two years to process and cope with this crappy situation.

“A couple years ago, i went through a breakup that felt like it came out of nowhere and it sucked a lot. since it happened, i’ve been trying to figure out how to put into words how it felt, and i finally did that with this song ! only took 2 years 😀 i hope you love it as much as I do”⁣

Sara Kays

Being hurt/dumped by someone with no closure truly sucks but thanks to that ex, Sara has given us such a good song. Every stanza flows perfectly into the next and really tells a story from the start of the relationship to the end. She even uses past relationships to compare to this random breakup. Sara states that at least those breakups she saw coming. A relationship that seemed to be going great, no major fights although Sara says maybe the silly little fights had more meaning than she thought. I say she dodged a bullet with this one. It is sucky, but having to go back and question everything in a relationship, it’s just not worth. Sara deserves to know her worth and using this song to get all those feelings out is a wonderful way to cope. Her voice is so soothing to listen to and really makes you pay attention to every word she says. The song doesn’t play out as some crazy angry girl who feels hatred, it just seems like she really just needed to get these feelings off her chest. Ladies and gentleman, we got to pay more attention when just watching tv. Have to make sure our spouses aren’t just going to up and leave us in the middle of a “Grey’s Anatomy” episode.

Courtesy of Sara’s Instagram

This is a song you’re definitely going to want to check out. Two years making “Watching TV” and it really paid off. Sara should be really proud of the outcome.

ToniAnn Romeo Author
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ToniAnn Romeo Author
Follow my socials or feel free to tag me if you post my reviews! Insta:toniann_romeo Twitter:toniannromeo_

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