WARGASM Unleashes Chaos in “Explicit: The Mixxtape”

Filled with growling  guitar, catchy harmonies, and apocalyptic dancefloor electronics, it’s easy to see how Wargasm have captured hearts around the world. Founded in 2018 and fully made during peak quarantine, duo Sam Matlock and model Milky Way have rocked stages all over the world this year as they continue to rise in the radar of metal-lovers everywhere.

Charging this recent success, Wargasm released their debut mixtape, EXPLICIT: The MiXXXtape, “a last change to experiment before the release of our debut album,” according to Sam Matlock in a recent press conference.

Art is designed to create a reaction, and we wanted Explicit to do just that…

It has a rougher edge in a mixtape versus a polished EP or LP. A mixtape is a drop that break the boundaries a bit more. It’s a flavor of what’s to come… We are taking things from heavier genres and making it our own. We don’t shy away from any scope, especially in a male dominated genre.

~ Wargasm

The mixtape begins with an electric thirty second introduction before charging straightaway into “Super Fiend,” a scream-induced and powerful melody.

Next, “D.R.I.L.D.O” slows the pace throughout the introduction of the track before building into a cool, heavy burn as the beat continues to electrify and embody the definition of chaos. Before breaking into the next chorus, Milky performs an entire minute-long guitar riff that continues to set the tone for what’s to come.

“Fukstar” has reached critical acclaim as the last single to be unveiled before the mixtape drop. About the single, Sam states that “we were able to lightly poke fun at the rich people who are ruining all of our lives” and that it was his favorite to write on the project.

We are pulled into an interlude of a voicemail before the next song charges straight in… “Salma Hayek” itself contains a contagious beat that rattles the being and charges anger in its fullest, expressed at its most before the second verse roars into our eardrums.

Concluding the mixtape, “Pyro Pyro” begins with an infectious guitar riff that intensifies the soundscape before the main beat of the track drops and screaming vocals take over.

“We’re not a band that stands for one thing-” Milky comments.
“Just chaos,” Sam chimes in.
“It’s always sexy,” they add. “It’s a cathartic release for people who are angry about the situations they’re going through in the world versus a band to rally behind with specific messages. Everything is f***ing bleak… if you just want to scream, scream along with us.”

Wargasm recently opened up for Limp Bizkit this spring, and will be taking the stage at Aftershock this weekend, following a consistent festival circuit and touring the UK.

Stay tuned for more updates, and listen to their mixtape below!

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