Victoria Voss, a Swedish-French pop artist, releases a melodic and lyrically beautiful song, Thin. With a knack for writing meaningful lyrics and putting a twist on common themes, Voss’s new song, Thin, is no exception. Thin is a song focused on the perspective of someone struggling with insecurity and doubts and having “thin” skin.

Voss has been musically inclined since her early childhood, and most of her songs are contemporary and indie-pop with influences from varying artists. Additionally, Voss plays piano and guitar and toured with professional choirs and different bands throughout high school. Upon receiving a degree in songwriting and music production, Voss decided to also pursue her passion for solving environmental issues. Studying for her Ph.D. at Stockholm University, Voss hopes to one day merge her musical and scientific career to address issues. Recently, Voss has focused on her songwriting career writing for artists at major labels and writes and produces the majority of her music with her other half. 

As humans, we are not strangers to insecurities and wish we were more. Speaking through her lyrics about wanting to “paint a perfect picture”, Thin speaks on the feeling of the need to put up a front and hide so many feelings from the world. This is a song that speaks on the importance of validity in one’s emotions and insecurities and gives people a sense of understanding. Voss then transitions into sharing these feelings with a “lover” and wanting to show their partner their emotions and “where it hurts”. The importance of these words lies in Voss’s want to share the emotions previously hidden, and begin the process of healing from the insecurities and doubts in the past. Towards the end of the song, Voss sings “My skin is thin”, on several occasions, and seems to be coming to terms with the multitude of emotions she sings about and her personal journey to accepting herself.

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