Van Bellman, Magana and the Perfect Summertime Duet: “Coney Island Kids”

Guitarist from American Authors and bassist for Mitski, Van Bellman and Magana respectively, released “Coney Island Kids” on May 27, 2022. This moody indie rock song pines for a past that may have never existed, while searching for peace and encountering revelations along the way.

The two artists wrote “Coney Island Kids” over Zoom between NYC and LA at the height of the pandemic, when all of their touring was canceled for the foreseeable future. What best describes this song is Lord Huron meets Rilo Kiley, perfectly combined and featuring a huge sing-along chorus. The single is also noted as one of the tracks that will reside in Van Bellman’s debut EP Feelers, set to release to the public this October 2022.

Photo credit: Andi K. Taylor

What immediately stands out about “Coney Island Kids” is the silky smooth vocal duet produced from both artists. Such performance is set right above very summertime instrumentals, creating an atmosphere of clear skies and a long journey ahead. There are boundless amounts of imagery in this single, including a refreshing breeze, the warmth brought from a sunny day, and a cup of coffee that has the capabilities to be both bitter and sweet. Each idea is brought forth with a dancing tambourine sound, and is tied together with perfect guitar and drum additions to set the desired mood exactly right. A repeating message in this single, when speaking of lingering thoughts, is to “come up for air,” a saying that is excellent advice for those who have lost themselves in an intense longing for future peace. It’s the absolute truth when I say that both the taste ice cream and the sound and message of “Coney Island Kids” are incredibly addictive, each grabbing your attention and boosting your mood after consuming.

Van Bellman can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok, and Magana on Twitter and Facebook.

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