Today, Valley Boy released their latest single, “Cigarette,” which follows their debut single, “Black Cat.”

James, the vocalist, explains their latest drop as their “ode to a childhood spent being the reluctant and scared friend in a group of more daring and adventurous boys.” After James and Ian met in middle school, they’ve been sticking together since, bonding over classic rock, guitar solos, and divorced parents.

“Cigarette,” according to Ian, “is actually more of a symbol for dangerous behavior than it is a literal reference to smoking the sticks that killed my favorite Aunt. James was always silently or not so silently judging me and our friend group for doing daring and stupid things like jumping into trashcans and drinking his dead grandpa’s liquor. I always encouraged James to join me in what I thought was perfectly age-appropriate behavior, telling him such iconic phrases as, ‘come on dude’ or, ‘shut up’ or, ‘we’re all gonna die someday’—wink wink. The most adventurous thing James would do as a kid was go on a hike.”

The latest single single they created together sends you into a haze of nostalgia with old soul electric guitar and soothing synthesizers. Not only does it reflect on their childhood together, but it blends in a mix of rebellion and longing for the simpler days of youth.

Valley Boy’s CIGARETTE (official video)

Paired with the new release, Valley Boy dropped a video to match. While exploring the effects of various substances and experiences, such as weed, video games, and daring stunts, the video reminds you of the simpler days on a night drive through the valley, when suddenly, takes an interesting turn through an adventure through the band’s childhood fears.

Stream the single now:

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