VAIN LOUIE Encourages Fans into “Finding Peace in Tragedy”

VAIN LOUIE are a 5-piece Dutch Melodic Hardcore band. Powerful hardcore with a touch of  melody and thrilling riffs provide a dynamic sound. The unceasing energy and creative  compositions of these childhood friends drag you along in their powerful and passionate live show. These ingredients create a wall of sound that you can’t ignore. In recent years, the band has released several singles. This year, it’s time for something  bigger, namely their first full length Time Devours Everything. They have created a unique  sound and atmosphere on the album and are keen to deliver it live with a lot of energy. With  this release, they are ready to hit the international stages. 

You can get inspired by your dreams or they can tear you apart. To find peace in tragedy is to find shelter in the storm. The first single of VAIN LOUIE’s debut album, “Finding Peace in Tragedy,” explores how to cope with life after death and the balance between reality and imagination. The emotive single induces catharsis with an intensity unlike any other. With a high-energy tempo, thrilling guitar riffs, and emotive lyrics, the latest release from VAIN LOUIE inspires all who are lost to find a sense of peace in the midst of darkness in centering themselves over recovery, focusing on mental health, and a journey through self discovery as they seek out a path of healing and peace.

Watch the intense performance in their music video to match, below:

“To dream is to hope, to live is to mourn. If you could alter your dreams endlessly, would it not be very tempting to be asleep forever?”

Stay tuned for more updates about VAIN LOUIE, and stream the new single, available now on all listening platforms!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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