For how much electronic music has evolved in its relatively short life, it is still a genre whose style — especially whose artists — are not always given their proper dues. Whether it’s because of its too-futuristic sound or supposed repetitive nature, electronica has long divided music fans or been dismissed as “not real music.” This is especially true for female DJs who — despite great strides in EDM acceptance — have to work hard to get their music heard in a sea of David Guettas, Swedish House Mafias and Skrillexs. Now, with her latest single, “Letting Go,” Steller just may be the one to rise above the testosterone-filled mosh pit.

Florida-based DJ and producer Steller has only been around since 2020, but she has quickly taken the electronica world by storm. Last year saw the release of her debut EP, Day Dreaming, and collaborations with the likes of Jessica Audiffred and Evalution. She has released a few other singles this year and even performed at Lollapalooza in July. With “Letting Go,” Steller maintains her dominance of the EDM space with a track that’s immediately distinct and catchy. Steller is primarily a dubstep artist, and those skills are on full display here. The typical low bass and addictive repetition of screechy high-pitched sounds combine to make a song that one could either dance to or simply vibe with, especially at a music festival. As Steller says of the way she crafts her tracks:

“My production process is very chaotic, honestly! It’s a lot of trial and error. I’ll usually sit down with some melody or idea in my head and go from there. I’ll often browse through samples to spark some inspiration, and after I have a good starting point, it flows from there.”

It is Steller’s use of samples that really makes “Letting Go” stand out from the crowd of electronic music. The track starts with what sounds like something from a world music album, akin to Afro Celt Sound System or Thievery Corporation. But from the very first beat, there is also the unmistakable sound of Steller’s trademark EDM style — effortlessly fusing to create a whole new, wildly addictive sound. There are no vocals to the track aside from the world music chants, but there is one section that cuts to Steller speaking: “Nothing else matters but this moment.” Those words of wisdom and assurance repeat for much of the song, as she says, “Nothing else matters, nothing else matters,” as a chant alongside the music sample that continues throughout. Altogether, it makes for a highly unique song that bears listening on repeat — and marks the sign of great things to come from an awesome talent.

Steller is currently crafting more songs that she plans to release this year — stay tuned for more details as they become available. You can follow Steller and keep up with her latest news on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and SoundCloud. Be sure to listen to Steller’s latest release, “Letting Go,” below!

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