Top Singles This Week: Sad Boy Summer

Now that it’s summer, it’s only fair that we highlight some of the “sad boy” anthems that were just released. These songs are the definition of “crying in the club”, and are great for contemplation while laying by the pool alone. If you’re looking for some songs to add to your “sad boy summer” playlist, you’ve come to the right place.

“uncanny” by joegarratt

Leeds-based producer joegarratt is back with “uncanny”, the perfect song for contemplating every decision you’ve ever made while everyone is out partying. The electronic song combined with joegarratt’s vocals creates a dreamy soundscape that reminds me of driving through a city late at night. The brand-new single focuses on chasing success but losing oneself in the process, saying “uncertainty is so uncanny, but I want it so bad”. This is also joegarratt’s first release on San Holo’s independent label, bitbird. Check out his incredibly colorful Instagram profile to keep up with new releases!

“Am I Right?” by helloworld

If you’re dealing with a situationship this summer, helloworld’s new track “Am I Right?” is the perfect song for you. The new single has an electronic beat, with sounds reminiscent of phone ringtones and video games. The song focuses on a very uncertain toxic relationship, telling a story of losing trust in someone while simultaneously questioning yourself because of things they’ve said. helloworld, the project of producer and singer-songwriter Drew Wilken, “Am I Right?” is part of his upcoming EP things I wanna text u, which will be released on San Holo’s label bitbird on May 26th.

“Chemicals” by Jackie Lipson

Jackie Lipson’s new single “Chemicals” connects with audiences struggling with mental health in honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month. The emotional song combines electro-pop with balladic vocals from the Los Angeles-based artist. “Chemicals” does an amazing job of explaining what it feels like to be struggling with your mental health, even referencing the nearly 17% of Americans who take prescription medication for mental health concerns daily. Lipson’s song flows as mood swings do, and the music perfectly portrays those changes. Lipson will be joining the lineup for So Happy Ur Queer at the Troubador in Los Angeles this June, which you can get tickets to here! Check out Jackie Lipson’s website to learn more about this amazing artist.

“Alone” by Nicholas Hamilton

You may know the Australian actor Nicholas Hamilton from his performances in It and It Chapter Two, or maybe even from his TikTok account where he posts videos of himself making cocktails. But he’s not just an actor, social media star, or mixologist, but also an incredibly talented musician as well. Hamilton has just released his new song, “Alone” ahead of his upcoming EP FATE coming this fall. The piano-driven song details feeling like you don’t have a support system and no one to talk to but yourself. This is the perfect song for that sad boy summer playlist, as many of us can start to feel isolated in the summer time. Check out Nicholas Hamilton’s Instagram and listen to his previous EP, Pretty Young, here.

“Forever You and Me” by Sharaya Summers

If you’re looking for more of a sad country vibe, this next song is perfect for you. Last but definitely not least, we have Sharaya Summers’ new track “Forever You and Me”. The new song grapples with love and loss, whether through death or in life, such as Summers’ divorce from her partner. Though the lyrics are pretty dark, Summers makes the song much lighter through her airy vocals and acoustic guitar-driven music. The Oregon-based indie singer-songwriter is releasing an album, also titled “Forever You and Me”, which will be out later this year. The song asks you to focus on the good memories even after you’ve lost someone, which almost anyone can relate to. Learn more about Sharaya Summers on her website and connect with Summers through her Instagram.

All five of these singles are going to be perfect for a slow summer day when you’re not feeling yourself. Make sure to check out every single one, and come back next week to find out our picks for the top singles of the week!

Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!
Theatre, communication, and film student based in Chicago, IL!

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