Trizzy Garcia Unleashes Poignantly Conscious Hip-Hop Track “Free” as Part of Latest Album

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Trizzy Garcia is a hip-hop artist who originally is from South Carolina but currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the early stages of life, Trizzy moved a lot being that his family was in the military. Every couple of years or so they would be moved to a different location. A few places that he has lived throughout his life have been New Jersey, Germany, Texas, and Kentucky. His upbringing and varied influences may explain his musical taste as an artist and give some insight into his makeup as a hip-hop artist.

Trizzy’s latest release is his second album, Overtime 2, which dropped in March 2021. His second track off the album, “Free,” is a poignant conscious hip-hop track that speaks on a huge social justice issue which was reignited to the forefront in 2020 – Black Lives Matter.

The song starts with a meaningful spoken introduction laid over calm piano notes and soothing vocalizations. He references the movement right before launching into his first verse. The tempo is slow, rocking against the jazz-inspired backing track. His lyrics are well-thought-out as he recalls George Floyd and Breonna Taylor amongst his commentary about police violence and the criminalization of Black men and women in America. He continues to explore the injustices while also acknowledging the fight that continues for justice. The second verse digs more into the prejudiced makeup of America itself; all the while, Trizzy keeps an even pace and tone to ensure his message does not get lost in its inherently emotional nature. And even with the even tonation, there is still a lot of power to be felt behind these words which only speak the truth.

You can listen to the entirety of Overtime 2 today.

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