Nashville rapper Trapperman Dale treated fans last Friday with the release of his newest project. Titled Flight Risk, this album certainly is a treat. It’s eleven tracks and jam-packed with heat thanks to Dale’s lyricism and signature flow as well as high-quality production from the likes of Bandplay, Greedy Money, and others. Unlike Dale’s other full-length projects, Flight Risk contains no guest features which provides a degree of intimacy between he and the audience, especially if listened to all the way through.

Although Flight Risk was fully released as an album last week, we as the public have been exposed to some of the content prior to this. Chronologically first, Trapperman Dale gave us the song ‘Dog House’ as a single last fall. Similarly, the songs ‘One’ and ‘Scarred’ were presented within the preceding month of Flight Risk’s release, which built hype and anticipation in me and many others. Aside from this, there were many implicit and explicit teasers cluing us in to the fact that a project was upcoming.

While there is plenty of content to cover in terms of listening, the same can be said for that of watching. In the time surrounding the drop of this album, Trapperman Dale and the rest of the Grind Hard crew have been hard at work at creating visual content for us to enjoy. As of now, there have been music videos for the songs ‘One’, ‘Scarred’, and ‘Quick’ – shout out to Nigel Callisto, Cocaine White Films, and Ev Mattingly, they’ve been killing it with these videos. On the other hand, Trapperman Dale is starring in a vlog series also titled Flight Risk, of which there are two episodes so far. This gives fans behind-the-scenes look into production as well as a chance to acquaint themselves with the artist off the track. Both the vlog series and the previously mentioned music videos can be found on the grindhardtv YouTube channel.

In the week that Flight Risk has been out, I’ve been enjoying it greatly. Because of Trapperman Dale’s rap consistency, it is difficult to pick a favorite track. This same consistency is probably why he’s quickly climbing my list of favorites. A line of his that I enjoyed hearing comes from the song ‘Testimony’: “Prices now been going up. I ain’t speaking on no sack, I’m talking me – I’m lit as fuck!” It is refreshing to see someone with such talent develop and see success. He is indeed lit as fuck.

If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and listen to Trapperman Dale’s Flight Risk, available for streaming on all major platforms.

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Coverage by Caleb Putman

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