Sam Soto’s “Cherry Coke Soda” — Review

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In a year that seems to keep getting darker and more depressing by the day, we all need a dose of feel-good energy to keep us going. Sam Soto provides that in spades with his latest single “Cherry Coke Soda.”

The pink-haired Belmont University alum is following up his 2019 single “COOL” with what has become his most successful release to date.


On “Cherry Coke Soda,” Soto created an upbeat indie-rock jam that, stylistically, lands somewhere in between WALK THE MOON and Parrotfish. With over 100,000 streams already, it has proven to be a winning formula for him. Its soaring synths, phased guitars, and expressive vocal performance make this the perfect soundtrack to a Friday afternoon at a music festival like Shaky Knees or Bonnaroo.

Lyrically, the song compares the fizzy feeling in someone’s stomach when they’re falling in love with a cherry cola, and Soto uses the general metaphor in a clever way throughout. Overall, this song is an ideal addition to any playlist you’d listen to when going for a walk on a pretty day.

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