There Is Comfort In The Natural Lines’ ‘Artificial Moonlight’

The moonlight as much as it is scary is also beautiful. Like a mysterious lady that only pops out at night. She holds secrets that only a few of us will ever know. Despite that aura of mystery given off, she has a willingness to listen to anyone who approaches. A silent response, she gives this stare that’s somehow comforting. For those who’ve experienced it, oddly enough that sufficed.

This same atmosphere, vibe and heavy emotions are felt in the band The Natural Lines latest song ‘Artificial Moonlight’. Released April 21st in all major streaming platforms via Bella Union and as part of their self titled album. ‘Artificial Moonlight’ is a track that lets us into the world of a broken individual. Looking to ease the pain with no moon in sight, the attention is turned to an artificial moonlight aka street lights. There safety and a sense of security is found, but the question that lingers till is “till when?”.

Melancholic from beginning to end. The Natural Lines’ gut wrenching vocals mixed in with dreamy instrumentals act as a reflection of how we feel inside. How we are eaten alive by despair as we watch our happiness dwindle into thin air. Whether caused by family, a lover, friend or pet, it’s a cry for help that hasn’t been heard yet. With no one answering the bell, more often than not this search leads to artificial means. Perhaps not an artificial moonlight, we cling on to computers, smart phones, or even alcohol to let it all out.

Is it bad to do so? To each their own. Rather than shun, The Natural Lines profoundly reminds us that wounds can’t be remedied by a bandage alone. What it needs is a cure to make the bleeding stop. To linger for awhile under the artificial moonlight is fine, just as long as you don’t stay there forever.

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Happy weekend friends!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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