The World’s A Stage In Winona Forever’s ‘Bad Actor’

Acting has always been a part of human history. Whether done among us (family, friends, society), in theaters or in movies, it’s always been a point of fascination. A spectacle for the senses, we admire and or disdain those who excel in acting depending on the roles they play of course. Protagonist garner the applauses, whilst the antagonist or the ‘baddie’ gets the boos or the audible gasps. Crazy yeah? That’s the power of acting for you, when done right it can move the hearts of many.

This same energy reverberates in Canadian band Winona Forever’s latest song entitled ‘Bad Actor’. Released April 14th in all major streaming platforms and part of their 3rd LP ‘Acrobat’. ‘Bad Actor’ tells the precautionary tale of one who has poor acting chops and how it directly affects the way he lives and loves. Think ‘Plan Nine From Outer Space’ (1959) or ‘The Room’ (2003) but in real life sprinkled in with a heavy dose of romance. Funny yes, but the consequences sting like a bee. Buzzzzz!!!

As awkward as this all sounds, Winona Forever’s fresh vocals coupled with their addicting sound reassures us that albeit ‘bad’ is in the title. There’s something great waiting for us round the bend as we all journey together and experience ‘Bad Actor’. It’s a feel good ride filled with chill vibes for all ages. But most importantly it wants to remind us that life is a stage.

 Just like in every production, there will be good actors and in turn awful ones. Now it’s up to us how to approach them and discern which is which especially when pertaining to matters of the heart. Not only that, but we too are called to be honest when faced with the question “are you a bad actor?”. If the answer to that is a yes, much like the character in the tune. Then we need to take a closer look at ourselves and change some things. It’s time to turn the bad into good this time around.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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