After a long, silent period, The Weeknd has broken his silence with releasing two booming new singles over Thanksgiving, “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights”. Following the release of his EP My Dear Melancholy, the artist took a hiatus to craft the next chapter of his sound.

The first track which was released was teased by The Weeknd reactivating his Instagram account, which had been deleted towards the end of the summer, with his profile biography reading: “loading. . .”. Following reactivation, The Weeknd made a post with the caption stating, “the fall starts tomorrow night.” The night before Thanksgiving, he released Heartless to the world.

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“Heartless” features boasting and braggadocious lyrics, who is making his abundance of money and careless lifestyle very known and seems to be speaking towards a certain someone – perhaps his on-andoff-girlfriend, Bella Hadid?

Following the relase of “Heartless”, The Weeknd reasurred his fans that the King of Fall was not done quite yet. Announcing that another track would be dropped on Thanksgiving, surely enough “Blinding Lights” was released.


“Blinding Lights” is less of a post-breakup song compared to it’s partner “Heartless”. On “Blinding Lights”, The Weeknd speaks to his significant other directly again but with a different tone. He’s comparing the feeling and effect he experiences with them to this person lighting up his life. The up-tempo electropop track features 80s-inspired synths, electronic dance drums, following up the direction of his November 2016 release, Starboy. While the release of “Heartless” took the world by storm, “Blinding Lights” actually leaked prior to it’s release. The track was premiered in a trailer for a Mercedes Benz TV advert in Germany, as The Weeknd has partnered with Mercedes Benz as an upcoming creative director for the company. A video was uploaded online of the commercial playing on a viewer’s television for fans to get an eager first look.


The Weeknd played a central role in the advert, as he drove around in his Mercedes car and performed the track.

Following the relase of both tracks, one of The Weeknd’s primary visual artists, Joachim Johnson, posted a video on instagram which was the visuals to the “Heartless” lyrics video. He captioned the post,

“Took some drugs, ended up in Vegas with some footage. Gave it to the boys and told em to write down the lyrics so people would understand the trip. Link in bio.”


In addition to the lyric video, earlier this morning The Weeknd posted a teaser of the official “Heartless” music video which will debut today.

As the two tracks were released to tease The Weeknd’s upcoming fourth studio release, we are more excited than ever to hear the full album!

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