The Thrilling Journey of Hembree’s New Album: It’s A Dream!

Hembree’s second album It’s A Dream! is finally out for the world to thoroughly enjoy. With the artistic excellence of Isaac Flynn’s carefully crafted lyrics, and the variety of each and every song, the album perfectly encapsulates letting your wild side loose in the best, and even the worst of times. Hembree has come a long way since their first album, titled House On Fire back in 2019, and has gone through trails including the experience of the pandemic midway into the new album’s production. With these new lessons learned, and an abundance of more growing to be done, Hembree is realizing their goal of lifting people up, and giving positive experiences for anyone who gives a moment of listening.

“Reach Out” is the perfect introduction to Hembree’s unique style of instrumental and sound byte combinations. It speaks on how society treats the poor, and how some are too neglected to ask for help. As Flynn said himself, “you lose touch with reality, which could happen to anyone.”

“It’s a Dream!” had a goal of being as collaborative and creative as possible, and it definitely hit this goal tenfold. With Devynn Carter joining in on the fun, “It’s a Dream!” juxtaposes itself while having a discussion about going through the same motions behind a funky and fresh alternative sound.

“Operators (feat. Bodye)” takes a more serious approach and talks about the brutality of 2020. Specifically, it wrestles with the unfairness of too much power given to police and other officials, as they bring theirs fists down onto innocent people. It keeps the tunes unique, however, as the added saxophone and cowbells give the song a sparkling flare like no other.

“Luna” is softer and much more relaxed. If anything, its a perfect lullaby after a long day of whatever hectic schedule had to be accomplished. It focuses on waking up from a dream, and the hazy sensation that comes with not knowing where you are for a moment of time.

“House on a Hill” fully takes on what it feels like to be completely overwhelmed, and continues the hazy theme from the last track. With a bouncy rhythm and softer vocals combined, the track leaves a message that even if the future looks futile, it’s important to carry forward, and find a way to find yourself.

“I’ll Be on Time” showcases the full extent of how much emotion can be poured into a single song. It relishes in the beauty of dependance, and the fulfilling feeling of being able to completely trust the one you fell in love with.

“Close to Me” is a full serotonin package in just over three minutes. It touches on the people that lift you up when you are down, whether that be a friend, family, or lover. This is a stellar listen for any bad days, for sure.

“I Don’t Believe You” finds insanity in the fact that there is so much wrong with today’s world, yet so many people choose to ignore it. This message is especially brought home with the song’s futuristic sound, and the hints of uncertainty the rests in points of the lyrics.

“Panic” highlights the importance of breaks, as the weight of the world can be a lot to bear at times. Although the song is steady in rhythm and style, it is just a façade on the outside, just below the surface rests a world of panic and uncontrollable thoughts.

“Present” begins incredibly smooth, but noticeably warps as the feeling of being overwhelmed settles deeper. It goes into deep detail of how terrifying it is to fully loose yourself, as anxiety can get a firm grip on anyone, no matter how weak or strong you supposedly are.

“Daylight” is all about relief, and how satisfying it is to take a genuine breath of fresh air. The track captures a moment of all worries fading away, and this realm turning into a blissful utopia that you would never want to leave.

“It’s Real” brings forward the notion that no problem can be solved if it is constantly ignored or pushed away. Issues that humanity continues to look past will come back to bite at full force sooner or later, but we still choose not to spend valuable time on it. It’s upsetting, and this track captures the emotions of this predicament perfectly.

“Time to Leave” is a fitting final arc for the stories told in It’s a Dream!. Overall, the track has a very acoustic and homemade vibe to it. The lyrics provide a vision of wanting to help those who are too far gone, but knowing that it is up to them to resolve any issues that may need fixing.

Truly, there is something here for everyone. It’s A Dream! can be fully browsed for your enjoyment here:

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