The Strength of the Heart in “Little High Little Low”

“Little High Little Low” is the title track off of The Royal Foundry’s newly released album, and was first shown to the public on April 15, 2022. The Royal Foundry is a Canadian Indie-Alt-Pop group anchored by husband and wife Jared Salte and Beth Schumacher, along with touring band members Robbie Szabo and Jeremy Dehek.

Founded in 2013, what started as a folk-duo quickly evolved into an indie-alt-pop quartet. The Royal Foundry was thrown into the spotlight when their music video “All We Have” received attention from local radio station, causing the video to go “indie-viral,” quickly hitting 50,000 views on YouTube. Following this, their song “Waiting” went viral on YouTube with over 9 million views, and their first alt-pop single “Running Away” climbed the Alt-Rock Charts across Canada to #23.

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The most enjoyable aspect of “Little High Little Low” is the uniqueness of the vocals. Backed by a fitting alternative rock sound, every word is given a kind of flare that is only unique to The Royal Foundry. In these vocals, the lyrics wonder of how much emotion is too much, and relapses in wanting to keep it hidden away. It highlights the unpredictability of the everyday, stating the necessity of keeping our heads high even in times of low. Instrumental-wise, the main melody of the track is an incredibly catchy and repeating rhythm that sticks in your head after one listen, and completely keeps its charm even after the 3rd or fourth run-through. Especially the chorus, when a triumphant choir is introduced singing along to the notes of the rhythm, it’s practically impossible for heads not to nod even a little. It’s true that the heart is strong, but its strength is what makes all of us unreplaceable human beings.

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