You read it folks, FKA twigs released a killer song, no literally the name of the song is “Killer.” However, with this song you don’t need to scream and run away. This electronically tranquil song is really a vibe. The first few seconds start off with a simple tone that sounds like a countdown immediately drawing you as you wait for the slow fusion and you melt into the song. FKA is another woman who has fallen at the hands of a broken heart. This heartbreak leads to another bop anthem that any brokenhearted human can relate to.

Official Audio for Killer by FKA twigs

It’s dangerous to be a woman in love- when at its worst the effects of heart break can define one’s trajectory much more than the beauty of the love itself, in my song ‘Killer’ I explore this concept. The navigation, the hunt and the kill. The death of promises, dreams and the future that was once promised. But like the wildest plucked roses, I find myself more beautiful delicately wilted, in shadow, forced solace, darkened at the edges and achingly thirsting to be tended to again.”

FKA twigs

This quote can really resonate with a lot of people. Love can be such a beautiful thing but if you put your love into the wrong hands it can be a dangerous game to play. “Killer” lyrics sounds like falling in love with the wrong guy and sensing it but you don’t want to call it quits because you’re already very invested. It’s the simple “I can fix them” kind of love. Red flag sis, you cannot fix them and you shouldn’t have to. We’ve all had that one relationship before. Love can make you blind to the elements around you. FKA twigs states in her song “you got me questioning what to believe in.” She was far into this relationship losing sight of being an individual. Listen to your heart FKA twigs and call it quits! Thanks for the bop and we’re sorry about your heartbreak. We are rooting for you to find the love of your life who won’t make you question everything you believe it.

Courtesy of Aidan Zamiri

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