The Story of a Sorceress and Her Lover in Bay Bryan’s “Sweet Joan”

“Sweet Joan” was released by Bay Bryan on April 22, 2022, now stapling themselves as a singer-songwriter who continues to evolve with each release. The single trots into a toe-tapping beat, accented beautifully by undulating viola and clarinet, as Bryan explores themes of self-sacrifice in the name of love.

The track is taken from Bay’s upcoming debut album The Meadow, due for release in 2023. Even before this, he has performed at Philly Fringe, Minneapolis Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and a number of Pride festivals across the UK. “Sweet Joan” will be one of a flurry of releases over the course of 2022 as Bay sets their sights on sharing their art with music lovers far and wide.

“Sweet Joan” follows the story of a sorceress who risks her own life to save her mortal lover Joan from a mysterious and magical illness. The song is beautifully acoustic as it tells this enchanting tale, and just as you think that you’ve guessed where the song goes, it magnificently surprises you by topping your expectations over and over again. Starting in a more solemn tone, around the minute mark the track picks up, and changes into a journey through trees lit by the touches of moonlight. This happens again at two minutes, never leaving you bored, teaching you about the sorceress and her unwavering determination. At no point can you put “Sweet Joan” down, especially if you’re a storyteller. It’s a completed narrative with different character arcs filled with passionate and unbridled emotion, all but demanding your attention for all of its five minutes.

Bryan can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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