Accepting that No One is Flawless in Parris Mitchell’s “i never said i’m perfect”

Parris Mitchell released “i never said i’m perfect” on April 22, 2022. The song is an anthem in the name of understanding your flaws and growing from them, and follows his 2021 EP that is self-titled, parris mitchell.

“i never said i’m perfect” is incredibly catchy and relatable from beginning to end. The song starts off by describing a relationship that was seemingly normal, only with a few qualms present here and there. There came to be a harsh realization in this relationship, however, the fact that no one can be the perfect partner, that we are all human beings with tons of personal baggage. In terms of instrumentals, one of the best parts of the track is the drums that play when leading into the chorus, their quick-beats and high energy sets the tone for the vocals and following melodies perfectly. By highlighting his individuality, Mitchell confesses that even though he cannot be a beacon of constant purity, loosing him in your life is a loss on yourself, as there is not another truly like him.

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