The dynamic electronic bass duo, Ivy Lab has been touring in the United States playing festivals as well as other shows. Ivy Lab’s bass sound is an authentic, feel good, and some trap beats. Ivy Lab is a collaborative force for them being known as, Sabre and Stray. These two play individually and also in a pair depending on the show and bookings. In the beginning of the year Ivy Lab did a small run in the south to kick the year off. This year is already going to be huge for them show bookings wise and for their record label (TW/TW) 2020 Global which also does club nights and live streams.

Ivy Lab always brings insane energy when it comes to performing in whatever venue and crowd they’re going to perform in front of. In Atlanta, Georgia at the Aisle 5 the show was absolutely incredibly upbeat and performing along side was support from 10th Letter, Clerks, and Honeybee. During the set Ivy Lab did an unreleased track bootleg of Syd’s track called, “Body.” This track was such a feel good beat which made the crowd go insane not being released yet. During set the set Ivy Lab said to the crowd that he loved performing for Atlanta because the vibes and crowd always went insane. In the show also mixed in the set was “Teacup” from one of their famous EP’s and a remix of “Skate Bitch” by NYCL KAI which got the crowd going absolutely crazy over.

Ivy Lab’s bootlegs:

This duo is absolutely unstoppable and having the pleasure to shoot for both of them is very surreal. Shooting Sabre for the DEF Global event back in September of 2021 was amazing and getting to work with Stray in Atlanta was astounding. Talking to them from a personal level as well as talking about their music you can tell how passionate they are. Both of them as artists have a lot to offer as individuals and also as a collaborative group. They are some of the best producers in the industry right now with releasing music and putting on shows left and right. A lot of upcoming artists are also signing with their record label such as, Tsuruda and OAKK. Just this year so many festivals have embraced these bass artists as well as other artists asking Ivy Lab to join them on tour dates. Ivy Lab will be joining acid/bass music producer G JONES in opening up in the shows for Atlanta, Georgia and Maspeth, New York. These two dates are insanely stacked lineups and outstanding venues to be playing at. Alongside with shows they will also be playing in California at Lightning in a Bottle and at DirtyBird CAMPINN in Florida and tagging along with Australian EDM producer Flume on his U.S. tour stopping with Ivy Lab in Madison, Wisconsin.

Ivy Lab performs so effortlessly as well as capturing them and their talent is so surreal and exhilarating to watch. They have done so much as to open for Ganja White Night and Rezz on both of their sold out Red Rocks Amphitheater dates last year in 2021. As far as artists they want to define themselves with their music and help pave the way for other artists in the electronic music scene as well as bring upcoming artists to the spotlight. As far as being Ivy Lab together they also make individual music which they also perform during their sets. They make music together and individually constantly pushing them limits in bass music and individuality, yet them working together is a force that cannot make reckoned with. Ivy Lab will only continue to keeping pushing boundaries with their music and label which is not something you want to miss seeing.

Anna Stephens Editor
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Anna Stephens Editor
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