The Jonas Brothers Release “The Album” of the Summer

This month, 2000s pop supergroup, the Jonas Brothers, have released their highly anticipated record, The Album. Produced by Jon Bellion, the Grammy nominated brothers brought us twelve sizzling tracks that they have been eagerly waiting to share. The Album was released via Republic Records, and moves swiftly between stadium-ready anthems and introspective ballads. With celebrated singles “Wings” and “Waffle House,” fans will be sure to love the sensational new chapter that The Album has begun for the Jonas Brothers. 

“The journey this record has taken us on has been a one of a kind experience and finally getting to share these songs with you means the world to us. Thank you to the incredible Jon Bellion for helping us bring this body of work to life. We’re so proud of these songs and hope you love it as much as we do. The Album is yours now!”

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“Miracle” opens with an exciting flute melody. Funky and roughed up, the opening track is still artfully crafted. The chorus and pre chorus are lighter than the verses, but this imbalance combines to form one cohesive mood, celebratory and supernatural. It ends with a fading guitar riff, followed by the deep drum beats that introduce “Montana Sky.” Like driving on an endless road, “Montana Sky” lifts and accelerates without losing its swaggering cadence. The chorus is exceptionally catchy, with sounds and lyrics that are gentle and adoring. It is a perfect summer anthem, embracing the beauty of the world in tandem with the beauty of a lover.

“Wings,” one of The Album’s singles, has an enchanting entrance, then switches to a punchy tone. Sassy yet longing, the Jonas Brothers capture excitement in “Wings.” It is a classic example of their heartfelt sound, but their modern touches elevate the songwriting and production immensely, setting this album apart from their others. “Sail Away” is similar in its bumping nature, making you want to get up and shake your hips a little. It’s the type of song you can tell they had fun making, playing off of one another’s vocals and range. 

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“Americana” seems to have an acoustic feel, but quickly incorporates a range of instruments and R&B style of delivery that blends these boundaries. They take the opportunity to sing of love and togetherness in “Americana,” shining light on the way of life that they practice. “Celebrate!” is easily the most upbeat song on the album, fitting well with the standout punctuation in its title. The brass section carries the tune, accompanied by a chorus of voices and the drum kit.  

The Album’s other single, “Waffle House,” moves fiercely. Remarkably sure of itself, this track is a strong moment of confidence from the Jonas Brothers and the groove they have found in this album’s process. It captures The Album’s energy well, genuine without taking itself too seriously. “Vacation Eyes” breaks from the dance beats into a moment of tenderness. Seductive and sweet, the brothers’ well known charm has its moment in “Vacation Eyes.” The vocals are syrupy and follow a swaying trajectory with the rest of the tune. “Vacation Eyes” opens well with “when it’s just me and you and the moon” and is accompanied by the cherry-on-top saxophone solo, making this track a standout on the album.

“Summer in the Hamptons” is next, keeping with the citrusy vibes of The Album. This song plays with many musical changes, but is carried through by an unmistakable guitar riff. As many of the songs on the album, “Summer in the Hamptons” compares an experience with a lover to a physical place, creating a solid metaphoric thread. This theme is spoken explicitly in the hyped-up “Summer Baby,” where heartthrob Nick Jonas has a moment to croon, “still catching feelings for you.”

“Little Bird,” yet another love song, draws back a bit in order to give time and attention to the gentler details. It separates from the lover-driven and hones in on a more caretaking role, singing out of love for a child. The brothers have grown up before our eyes, so it is heartwarming to see them find partners and start families. This song is an important moment of maturity for the Jonas Brothers, elegant and from the heart. 

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The final track, “Walls” feat. Jon Bellion, is a superstar finale to The Album. Beginning as a wrenching ballad, the brothers are making an emotional statement by placing this track at the end of the album, following so many buoyant songs. “Walls” follows the inability to leave someone, how you can keep on and keep on going back to them. Spanish is fused into the ending, as well as gospel chorus sounds at the “cry” of “even the walls would cry.” Then, a drum solo brings the song into an intense rock bridge, quite a switch from the beginning of the song. The song is evolutionary, an apt representation of the journey of the Jonas Brothers. 

The band is coming off of five sold-out shows at New York’s Marquis Theatre during their Broadway Residency and is kicking off their new show, “The Tour,” at Yankee Stadium, August 12th and 13th. “The Tour” is produced by Live Nation and will feature five albums every night. 

The Jonas Brothers were on the cover of Bustle’s May Issue and spoke with Vulture’s Switched On Pop about their inspiration behind the album and the band’s “yacht rock revival.” Coming soon, they will be featured in the newest FLAUNT music issue. The Album marks the Jonas Brothers’ first body of work since their 2019 record Happiness Begins, released following their Amazon documentary Chasing Happiness. Happiness Begins is known for its #1 debut on the Billboard 200 and spawned the 5x-Platinum, Billboard Hot 100 #1 smash hit “Sucker.”

Be sure to check out The Album below, and find tickets to “The Tour” in a city near you.

Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.
Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.

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