C’mon, you know what I’m about. C’mon, comin’ to your neighborhood… Come on and get your durian fruit The durian fruit… Stinky, delicious.

Walk off the Earth

Iconic words from an iconic tune. When it comes to children’s music, few songs parallel the genius and wisdom of the electro anthem, “The Durian Fruit Song”. Showcased in their newest album, “Romeo Eats Vol. 1”, Walk off the Earth’s newest single glorifies the awesomeness that is the durian fruit. Before one can truly grasp the comprehensive lyrics of the song, we must first understand more about the Durian. For example: What does it taste like? Where does it come from? What are its ambitions? When it goes to Starbucks, does it get a Frappuccino or Chai Latte?

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Located in southeast Asia, the plant is considered the most foul-smelling fruit on the planet. With such a pungent odor, the species is illegal in public places such as airports and hotels. Regardless, based on an individual’s palette, the creamy yellow-colored fruit can be delectable due to its five different flavors. These flavors include sweet, bitter, flower, alcohol, and numb tastes determined by the ripeness of the plant.

Clearly, Walk off the Earth praises the attributes of the Durian and is set on educating the youth in a funny and unique way. With lyrics such as “it’s illegal in public places”, the humor of the single is demonstrated effectively from the lead vocalist’s Scandinavian accent and absurd subject matter. The approach to “The Durian Fruit Song” is the reason why kids and parents alike can appreciate the single. Children will enjoy the catchy house beat and drop at 1:02 while parents will love the hilarious nature of the single.

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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