The Head And The Heart Release Meaningful Video for “Virginia (Wind In The Night)”

The Head And The Heart have revealed the music video that was directed by Jacqueline Justice for their latest track “Virginia (Wind In The Night).” The song is the second released single from their upcoming fifth studio album Every Shade of Blue.

Coming to be in 2011, The Head and The Heart’s breakout debut produced instant classics including “Rivers and Roads,” “Down In The Valley” and “Lost In My Mind.” 2013’s Let’s Be Still and 2016’s Signs of Light settled into Billboard’s Top 10 albums chart, with Signs of Light securing the #1 position on Rock Album Charts, and held the #1 spot at AAA for nine straight weeks. Now, the band has established their status as a touring powerhouse, having landed prime time mainstage slots at Coachella, Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits.

”Being from Virginia, for me this song represents a long and winding relationship to place – a place that is grounding. I’m often drawing on my life through symbolism as a way into someone else’s psyche. It’s part of my search for a deeper connection without having to compare our experiences directly. There is a reason this song has two titles. One is literal and one is symbolic. Not everyone is from Virginia, I know that. But I bet you have walked home and heard the wind in the night.”

~ Jonathan Russel

The video for “Virginia” shows meaning in its contrasting scenes and use of color. Every time there is a moment of reminiscence, the scene will show itself to be predominantly red. At the end, we realize this is because it is the light coming from a large heart, which rests in a place that was once important. Overall, ‘heartfelt’ would be the perfect word to describe both the song and the video, as everyone has once longed to return to a place where our heart once belonged to.

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