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After a three-year full-length album hiatus since indie-pop staple “Nothing Happens,” Wallows will return in 2022 with a new LP, “Tell Me That It’s Over.” Set to be released through all streaming platforms on March 25th, the group has delivered a trio of songs as a teaser for their upcoming record. Including the likes of the energetic “I Don’t Want To Talk,” rhythmic “Especially You,” and somber “At the End of the Day,” Wallows find themselves exploring new sounds whilst staying true to their roots. With the latter single accompanied by a stellar music video, here’s an inside look on “At the End of the Day”.

‘At the End of the Day’ is about being very invested in a relationship with someone and fearing it may ultimately be doomed but you just want that person to be happy no matter what.”

 Dylan Minnette – Wallows

From the get-go, 80’s synth fills the mix before being interrupted by acoustic guitar and Braeden Lemasters lovely vocals. Driving the song, Lemasters’ singing hits the sweetest at the hooks “At the end of the day, I’m not far away, I’m staying” and “If you wanted, I would never call you. Never think about you or never let you go”. Compact with straightforward drums, jangly guitar, differing synth riffs, and sonic atmosphere, the overall vibe of the single is fun and endearing.

Video Credit: Wallows Official YouTube Channel

Set in Las Vegas, the music video for “At the End of the Day” Reminded me of the music videos for “Hard to Explain” and “When You Where Young,” with nostalgia being the driving theme presented in the montage. Accompanying the visuals, Wallows single works phenomenally well to captivate the feeling and heart found within the short film. We feel a calm come over us with each watch, and after experiencing the music video, you grow to appreciate the track even more.

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With an epic world tour beginning April 1st in Seattle, Washington, be sure to grab your tickets here and pre-order their newest album here. For more music news, you can always follow Glasse Factory here.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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