Posted onto YouTube on December 7th, 2021, “Wisdom Tooth” by Wallice received a music video filled with story, bringing an abundance of added charm to the original track. The music video was directed by Jerry Maestas, and highlights the personality and style of Wallice perfectly. With “Wisdom Tooth” being her latest single, Wallice is also known for her previous tracks, including lofi anthem “Punching Bag,” contemplative “23,” and “Hey Michael,” where she shares her observations of flaky friends and lovers. On the same day that this video released, Wallice played for a sold out venue in Los Angeles, CA @ The Moroccan, which goes to show how up-and-coming she truly is.

When I had ‘Wisdom Tooth’ in mind I was a little stumped on how to make a dentist office visit interesting, but I knew I could trust Jerry to fill in the blanks. We’ve worked together for a couple years now, and each shoot we get more stylized with a perfect blend of both of our creative minds. I’m so happy with how this video came out. I wrote this song literally the evening before I went to get all four of my impacted teeth surgically removed, and I was terrified. I’m glad something good came out of that experience.

To shortly summarize the music video, “Wisdom Tooth” shows Wallice in all stages of going to the dentist, getting teeth removed, and the painful and long recovery that follows. She makes the comparison that getting her wisdom tooth removed harbors the same pain as being given up by a past lover, as her lyrics say, “you’re like a wisdom tooth, you hurt so much out of the blue.” The creativity shown throughout this work is outstanding, from every shot pieced together, to the vocals and instrumentals in the song itself.

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