The comforting intimacy of Sorry, Peach’s unlikely track “Darling This Isn’t”

With the sound of some sweet atmospheric hum, an acoustic guitar gently enters the opening landscape of Sorry, Peach’s newest track “Darling This Isn’t.” The understated track is rooted in its soft, singer-songwriter ways while framed by multilayered harmonies and vulnerable vocal lines. The result is a song crafting feelings of creature comforts, something to play in the living room while the rain slips down your windows.

The lyrics support that same special sense of vulnerability: “You’re scared of hoping things will be different / I guess I don’t blame you but darling the isn’t some joke that I’m playing / you’re my first thought when I am waking.” The minimalist soundscape steeps the emotional lyricism, making the track all the more melancholy and relatable to those who have experienced a similar sense of heartbreak. The singer continues to relay her fears throughout the track, with the keywords being a heartbreaking line of, “but I’m scared to / but I love you.”

“Darling This Isn’t” comes as something new for the all-female six-piece group, saying they normally stray from writing about topics like love. The alt-pop group is based out of South Carolina and was initially formed as a homework assignment for a college class. Although forming the band was a requirement, the group decided to stick together, sensing they had something special. The members of Sorry, Peach include singer Tyerra Clayborne, singer-guitarist Sara Grace Young, bassist Kira Saini, guitarist Daylee Pruitt, drummer D’Irene Mason, and singer-keyboard player Grace Coates.

They have previously released a self-produced album “Don’t Ask If I’m Okay” in 2019 and other popular singles following throughout 2022. Follow Sorry, Peach on their socials for more from them and listen to “Darling This Isn’t” below!

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