Founded in 2018 by songwriter and singer Daniel Gierke, The Brute : is a nostalgia inducing indie-pop project that combines progressive electronic sound with signature haunting vocals to the likes of Dead or Alive and Depeche Mode. The blend of synth pop, blues, and rock curate a transcendent experience of sound, all while containing echoes of the classics with a modern touch and personal spin.

In 2019, the first double single and remix EP, “Lonesome Hero / And I Want You…” was released along with three music videos on YouTube. In 2020, The Brute : signed a contract with the record label Timezone Records. The second single and remix EP, “Seduce Me / Rain,” was released in July 2020, along with a video for “Seduce Me,” and “Stay.” The third single, “Absolute Disgrace,” was released in September, and followed by the fourth single, “Lonesome Hero ’20.” As this song wasn’t released on CD in 2019 The Brute : where going back to the studio and has recorded and mixed the song all new. The double single “Seduce Me / Rain” made it on #4 at the German Alternative Charts DAC. “Absolute Disgrace” made it on #11 and the new single “Lonesome Hero ’20” made the direct entry from zero to #7 at the DAC.

Layered in each track, multiple meanings can be interpreted throughout the poetic lyrics, and the latest single from The Brute : is no exception to that; “Driving To You” transcends past the point of a single love song and borders on the feelings of near obsession and hunger to be near that special someone. Watch the music video made to match, and stream the new song on all listening platforms!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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