Currently on tour as we speak, the ever-so-amazing Idles has recently graced us with a new video of the fantastic Beachland Ballroom.

In the first rendition of the music video, we the audience are treated to an intense Talbot who is vulnerably shouting into the camera with all the passion in his heart. Compared to the minimalist “part 1” which gave heavy No Surprises Radiohead vibes, “part 2” featured a more straightforward, yet unique approach. With the whole band in view, the viewer sees the group play the entire song from start to finish. Though simply playing live in a music video is nothing new, what separates Idles performance from this and this, is the group’s favoring for artistic ideas.

Photo Credits: Visionhaus/Corbis via Getty Images)

Accompanied by the imagery of a possible suicide along with sporadic cuts much like a YouTube vlog, the camera work in the video is utterly cinematic and breathtaking. A key moment I found dope where the camera cuts to the guitars and drums when the volume turned up to eleven. Regardless, the star of the show is Joe Talbot with his insane acrobatics and unbalanced choreography. Passion is clearly ingrained in this man, as Talbot is dead set on releasing his catharsis with every word and motion he makes in the video.

It’s the most important song on the album, really. There’s so many bands that go through the small rooms and dream of making it into the big rooms.

Joe Talbot

Overall, here is some key take aways:

The Cinematography is very, VERY good.

With the song’s themes being about the big and small bands, is Joe’s suicide stance about the hardship of coming up in the music industry?

Moody baby Joe Talbot learns to take his first steps at 2:33, 2:53, and 3:18.

The band’s latest album, Crawler is out November 12th via Partisan

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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