The greatest musical artist of our time, Kanye West, continues to make headway in the fashion industry with his newest Yeezy brand hoodies selling out in hours. As part of his Gap collection, the streetwear is being sold at ninety dollars a pop for adult sizes and seventy dollars for kids. With such buzz surrounding the hoodie, here are some facts about the Yeezus indorsed clothing.

The hoodie is arguably the most important piece of apparel of the last decade… Slightly cropped at the waist [and] heavy as a winter coat

Kanye West

Photo Credits: Lionel Cironneau/AP

Because of the Design scheme, the clothing brand is defiantly trying to revamp the 90’s with a modern flare. What is also interesting about the streetwear is speculation that the colors found in the apparel (brown, black tan, blue, red, and purple) represent the palette found on Kanye’s most famous albums. If true, this would be an awesome easter egg for all of Mr. West’s fans.

Our classic Gap hoodie is having a moment. So much so that we issued it in a vintage brown for pre-orders delivering this fall. And it is not just on TikTok. We’ve seen elevated search levels across Google. Seven times more people searched for the hoodie on in Q2 than a year ago.

Gap CEO Sonia Syngal

The hoodie is clearly the direction Gap needs to revitalize the stagnant brand. Nonetheless, although the stock rose by 6% for Gap, it, unfortunately, dropped by three points and is down by 27 points this quarter.

Photo Credits: Gap

As of this moment, a significant amount of the clothing is being resold at a higher price than retail, which begs whether it is worth it. It all comes down to your preferences. If you like a little bit of skin showing due to the cropped design, the Yeezy hoodies are definitely for you. If you want high-quality cotton, again, the hoodie is definitely for you.

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Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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