The Astronomers and Sammy Rash Collaborate in New Summer Anthem “Turn Out Fine”

Alt-pop duo The Astronomers have dropped their brand new single “Turn Out Fine” with Sammy Rash. The track is a fun treat, being a slice of catchy pop with experimental and unconventional elements.

The Astronomers are already known for having the ability to take charts by storm. This was perfectly seen with their lead single “Overthinking” from their sophomore EP Guess It’s Just Life. Now, they are building the anticipation for their upcoming, as-yet-unnamed project with this newest single by bringing along Sammy Rash, a pop artist who makes music in his garage. Rash currently has over 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and continues to captivate his audience with this track being his 6th release this year.

“Turn Out Fine” is available now through The Astronomer’s Spotify profile.

Overall, the track is a warm summery offering rooted in the relatable theme of the uncertainties of youth. It has an incredibly unique sound from start to finish, keeping you encapsulated throughout its entire journey. The song speaks on being with your friends on a summer night, appreciating each other’s company, and taking the time to restore the hope that may have been lost when thinking of the future. It acknowledges that there are many issues in life that are not hopeless, but rather anything can be overcome if they are taken firmly in the palm of your hand. The groovy sound and sheer variety of different instrumentals hold the charm of beloved and nostalgic memories, specifically on what it was once like when warmer weather brought unlimited amounts of freedom and unrestricted fun.

The Astronomers can be found on Instagram here, and Sammy Rash here.

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