The allure of comfort within Trickster Figures’ new song “Getaway Driver”

With the gentle intro of a female voice and solo guitar, “Getaway Driver” by Trickster Figures instantly feels both hauntingly isolating and perfectly dreamy. Slowly, the song slips into its natural duet form, with each partner suggesting, “I could be your getaway driver,” amidst the reality of their unperfect world. The song is about trying to make things better where they are now and it feels like a perfect song to listen to, as the album art suggests, at sunset with the angelic intertwinement of the vocals. The female voice leads the song, and the male supports in harmonies, making for a perfect balance of sound that’s acoustic, upbeat, and relaxing all in one.

If you’re feeling stuck in life, whether looking to the past, desperate for the future, or even feeling trapped in the present day, let the poetry of this song melt those things away for a few minutes. “Getaway Driver” tackles those feelings of constant anxiety, being overworked or stagnant, and more, and contrasts it with the relief of finding someone who can take you away from all of those things.

The St. Louis, Missouri duo of James and Lauren, AKA Trickster Figures, met in 2013. They composed their first song together in an attic in Cinncinati with an assortment of instruments from guitar, a looping pedal, drums, and a ukelele. Now, they’re known for their wide assortment of instrumental capabilities, from banjos, harp, percussion, and more. Often drawn toward a dreamy, indie-rock musical style, they use DIY instruments of all kinds and layered harmonies throughout their process to achieve the perfect sound.

The duo spent a lot of time in their early days traveling around and performing, and their debut album Through the Seams was released in October of 2020. Listen to their new song “Getaway Driver” below and escape into an alluring conversation between two lost souls. And follow their Instagram to keep up with their upcoming releases!

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