Morty: “Aw jeez Rick, I get that it’s cool, but… I don’t know if I can, um, go to the Adult Swim Festival.

Rick: “You don’t go to it Morty. It’s the internet, Morty! Anything’s possible with the internet.”

Morty: “Aw, well, still. It seems a little to extreme for my little Morty brain. Like, there’s a guy called lil’ Baby, and… um… I mean… A baby’s already little so I don’t get why—“

Rick: “That’s the *BURPS*  point Morty. THAT’S THE POINT! It’s supposed to BLOW YOUR MIND. Re-remember Morty’s Mind-Blowers? Remember that? Don’t use that Morty, just don’t use it! You’ll wanna have this night in your head!”

Morty: “But, like—”

Rick: “Remember Lil Baby, Morty! Promise me you’ll remember!”

Morty: “Aw jeez… um… Ok.”

Photo Credits: Carlos Gonzalez

Full of the wackiness that made the channel a household name, the virtual Adult Swim Festival makes its sophomore return after a successful 2020 debut. Compacted with famous musical artists such as Lil’ Baby, Karol G, and 21 Savage, the fair is also set to include live streams and panels of your favorite Adult Swim episodes. Love “Rick and Morty”, “Robot Chicken”, “Joe Pera Talks With You”, and “The Eric Andre Show?” What better way to prove your simpdom than watching your favorite T.V. series with real-time commentary from surprise guests! It’s like traditional DVD commentaries except better because, like… um… it’s live.

Photo Credits: Adult Swim

With merchandise also available today on the Adult Swim Festival website, you can get your hands on wicked streetwear such as zip-up sweatshirts, corduroy hats, and limited edition “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” t-shirts. So get hyped for November 12th-13th and attend the event via Adult Swim’s YouTube channel and HBO Max. Here’s your ticket, and feel free to thank for letting you in on the know!

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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