Tears Can’t Wash The Pain In Pierce Alexander’s ‘Stain’

Stains permanent or temporary can turn something pure into chaos in an instant. Whether caused by an accident or intentionally, it’s an unwanted sight that causes even the calmness of us to quake in the knees. It’s something we actively avoid and yet no matter what measures we take, it happens anyway (tsk tsk tsk). Think of it as stepping on a Lego block with lights closed in the middle of the night. A funny analogy eh? Sure! But then that giggle turns into pure agony once pressure is applied and skin hits plastic. Ouch!

This same energy of a stain’s ability to disturb the peace emanates in Charleston’s very own Pierce Alexander and his song entitled ‘Stain’. Released April 21st and available in all major streaming platform. ‘Stain’ is a tune for lovers scorned by infidelity. A blossoming relationship once filled with love. We see this partnership crack at the seams as it is now been polluted with doubt. The unblemished mantle of true love and commitment has now been marked. Unfortunately no amount of tears can wash it away, what’s broken is broken.

A perfect play on night and day, Pierce Alexander’s ‘Stain’ while tackling a harrowing scenario is a tune that calms the nerves. With cool as ice vocals and instrumentals that can easily take you to cloud nine. It paints for us listeners this landscape filled with melancholic beauty. Perhaps insinuating that after the rain of pain, comes a rainbow. Not to cleanse away the stain, but to see it in a different light.

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Happy Monday friends!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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