Working with an influence is an opportunity to try something completely different. It gives artists a chance to see how someone can completely rework a song while maintaining the original intent. On June 11th, TWIN XL dropped the Great Good Fine OK Remix of their song “Slow Heart,” showcasing this concept perfectly. TWIN XL front-man Cameron Walker-Wright has said, “Great Good Fine OK has for sure been a huge influence,” and TWIN XL’s sound is very similar to Great Good Fine OK’s mid-2010’s sound, but this remix has allowed both artists to branch out and explore other sonic palettes.

Where the original recording from TWIN XL was more frenetic pop-rock, this remix takes the lyrics and throws them over what could be classified as a standard club beat with synthwave-esque production. The lyrical content covers the pain of putting money, time, and energy towards people who might not fully appreciate it while still longing for their approval and love. Much like “Chain My Heart” by Topic and Bebe Rexha, this Great Good Fine OK remix of “Slow Heart” could easily be classified as “Melancholic Dance Music.”

The remix is in the same key, and the chord progression is the same, but that allows the authenticity of the original recording to shine through with a little spin from Great Good Fine OK. Cameron Walker-Wright’s voice sounds phenomenal with the electronic, keyboard-centered production, and this remix could absolutely be coming to a club near you soon because it fits the “happy-sad” culture of the late 2010’s and 2020’s so far.

Both versions of “Slow Heart” have been linked in this article, so check them out and let us know which one you prefer!

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