Tauren Wells’ New Album “Joy In The Morning” Showcases The Power of Passion and Love

Some albums focus on the sadness and pain of breaking up, while others want to celebrate the joy in life. In Tauren Wells’ third album, Joy In The Morning, the singer creates a collection of modern-style Christian music that hits the wide range of human emotions that fall under his signature pop-rock and R&B style. Wells’ mindset while recording the album reflects this process as he states,  

“Throughout the sessions, I was thinking, ‘How many people can I encourage with this album?’ You can consider the pain. Consider the disappointments. Consider the dreams. And now, all of a sudden, you have a soundtrack that helps soothe the wounds or awaken the dreamer.”

Joy in the Morning starts with the funky single, “Fake It” featuring Aaron Cole. Fans of Bruno Mars will enjoy Wells’ vocals and the pop style of the track that is sure to get anyone dancing. The music video is full of fun dance numbers reminiscent of Michael Jackson.  

Watch the music video for “Fake It” below:

The next song on the album, “Use a Friend,” (ft. Jon Keith) juxtaposes the high-energy opening track. It starts with acoustic guitar, slowly introducing a heavy beat in the chorus along with a light percussion track. The song’s message of unconditional support is described in lyrics such as, “I swear/ You never have to wonder if I care/ Don’t even need to say my name, I’m there/ Whenever you could use a friend/ You know you could use me,” and, “We been ride or die since sixteen/ I was half alive, didn’t quit me/ And now I see the tables turned/ I’ma give the love you earned.”

“Come Home” is the third song on the album, with an alt-pop edge accompanied by inspirational and uplifting lyrics. The song describes a safe place to return to after exploring and learning more about the world and life. This message is portrayed perfectly in the chorus, “If you wanna leave/ If you gotta go/ I’ll be right here/ When you come home,” as well as at the end of the song, “You can bring your doubts/ (If you gotta)/ You can think out loud/ (I’ll be right)/ Love will hear you out/ (when you come) so, come home.”

Watch the visualizer for “Come Home” below:

After “Come Home” is the gospel-like ballad, “Crazy About You” about the unconditional love of God. The song is punctuated with Wells’ powerful vocals and a choir of background singers that bring a more traditional Christian rock sound to the album. “Crazy About You” transitions right into “Empty,” which is a song full of beautifully descriptive lyrics expressing how material objects can’t bring true happiness. The song begins with two questions that drive this point home, “Have you ever noticed that gold/ Sparkles in the light but it’s cold/ In your hands?/ Have you ever filled your cup/ Thinking it would feel like enough/ But it don’t last?” The simple musical composition of the piano and beat of the drum pad place the song’s emphasis on the lyrics’ message. 

Watch the visualizer for “Empty” below:

“Up” brings back the high-energy feel to the album with this funky tune. The finger-snapping combined with the stylized background vocals and fun beat encapsulates the empowering song lyrics. Especially in the chorus, the lyrics remind the listener that tomorrow is a new day to begin fresh and to, “Keep your head high, keep on fighting/ ‘Cause the pressure makes a diamond.” 

The next track on Joy In The Morning, “Afraid With You,” reminds the listener that although no one can fight someone’s battles for them, they can find support while fighting. At the start of the song, Wells’ sings about how “I can’t stop your tears/ But I’ll lay beside you on the floor/ And let mine fall into yours/ I can’t be your peace/ But I’ll stay right by you in the storm/ I’ll fight beside you in the war.” This pop track, full of acoustic guitars and heavy beats, features vocals from Tiffany Hudson and ends with a sermon about how unconditional love is, and should always be. 

“Joy in the Morning” is an uplifting pop track featuring a robust collection of orchestral instrumentation, gospel background music, and Wells’ wide vocal range. It’s a song about how despite how much one is struggling now, the next chapter will be good after weathering through life’s obstacles. The lyrics serve as a reminder that, “Everything happens for a reason/ But you don’t know what you don’t know/ And you’ll never have peace if you don’t let go of tomorrow,” as well as, “If it’s not good, then He’s not done/ No, He’s not done with it yet.” Wells also did a live performance of the song, along with “Come Home.”

Watch the live performance of “Joy In The Morning” below:

The funky track, “When We Get There,” is about the beauty waiting for everyone once they get to heaven. Its high-energy beat serves as a great warm-up to the final song on Joy In The Morning, “It Has To Be God.” “It Has To Be God” starts with a piano ballad moment, before building up to a steady percussion beat at the climax of the chorus. It’s a powerful song that ends the album on a positive, uplifting high note. 

Joy In The Morning is an album full of an eclectic mix of Christian songs ranging from pop-rock to R&B, showcasing Wells’ passion for experimenting with different music genres. Wells’ ability to experiment with different genres to create a cohesive album creates a fun collection of songs that perfectly fit any mood.

Fans of Tauren Wells’ will have the opportunity to see him live on tour this fall, with special guests Aaron Cole and Lakewood Music! The Joy In The Morning tour starts October 6th in Tampa, FL at Yuengling Center/the University of South Florida, and ends November 19th in Evansville, IN at Aiken Theatre in The Centre. To see all the tour dates and get tickets, visit Tauren Wells’ official website

To stay up to date on Tauren Wells and his music, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Also, be sure to listen to Joy In The Morning below!

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Hello! I love writing about a variety of topics, such as books and music, and have my own blog, https://readingandwritingthroughlife.com/. I also do freelance work, which you can see more of on my portfolio website, https://erinfreelancewriting.com/.
enordhof Author
Hello! I love writing about a variety of topics, such as books and music, and have my own blog, https://readingandwritingthroughlife.com/. I also do freelance work, which you can see more of on my portfolio website, https://erinfreelancewriting.com/.

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