You’re not special. You’re a non-player character created for a multi-protagonist adventure. You’ll have merely filled up people’s background between a ringing alarm and bed that night. You sold roses on the highway exit ramp they took during their commute, passed them in the office hallway, bagged their groceries, or refereed their kid’s soccer match.

In other words, you’re inconsequential in their daily lives. You didn’t matter, until you did. Until you became The One. You were a “Dark Horse”. But as TikTok standout Sydney Mack lyrically suggested in her corresponding single, that made you all the more special.

“…You were a dark horse, Never saw you comin’, but you and I were runnin’ the same course, Lookin’ for the finish line, Who says the long way is the wrong way, If we end up in the right place, You are everything I didn’t know I was waiting for, Yeah, you were a dark horse (Dark Horse) (A hundred to one)…”

-sydney mack

Sitting around waiting for Prince Charming won’t have increased your serendipity quotient. By the same token, The Girl Next Door might knock for help installing a shelf tonight. The latter type of scenario, as Mack sung, built a stronger foundation because neither became acquaintances with a romantic agenda. Friendship developed because what was shared came from a natural place inside.

Some time in the future then, when romance bound you both together, it was organic. Bonding far less likely to derive from an app-generated date. Though apps might’ve generated statistically more dates, they’d have relied on algorithm-manufactured chemistry. On responses to questions which, as in the case of personality tests, only resulted as accurately as the test-taker was honest.

And who hasn’t gone against conscience’s current by modifying their genuine selves to look better? As Mack asserted, perhaps a patient heart will have you floating into your special person.

To flow with her confidence that she’d met her soulmate, check out the audio!

“Dark Horse” by Sydney Mack

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