Sval Releases Next Pop “GRENADE”

After delighting us with a scattering of fresh and enticing material since the release of her highly-praised debut EP, Young Alien, in 2019, Norwegian alt-pop artist, Sval, has amassed tens of millions of streams in the process. And with the first release of the year, her highly awaited return has come with latest single, “GRENADE.”

Inspired by the intricate storytelling of Frank Ocean and Lykke Li, Sval’s newest works offer a more raw nature to her work before. Embracing all things imperfection, she’s found a sense of vulnerability and dwelled within it. As such, the music is freer, unafraid of breaking the rules and creating its own boundaries – a development that was inspired by writing the majority of the songs in Jimi Somewhere’s home studio, amid the friendship that grew between them during the process. 

The idea of a child star has morphed over recent years. Where it used to be a catalyst for disruption, recent years have seen a plethora of musicians navigate a career out of teenage acclaim into adulthood. Sval has already spent a decade within the industry’s confines, and only twenty-three, has gained an experience unlike any other and is showcasing it now in her new chapter of even greater vigor.

Speaking about “GRENADE,” she said:

I had so much fun creating “GRENADE”. It was the type of session where we just played around and did what felt natural. Sometimes I tend to make lyrics more complicated than they need to be, but on this track I wanted to keep the message clear.

To me, it’s is a self destructive and liberating song at the same time. It’s about embracing sadness and anger, and even though the song has a sad tone it’s something beautiful about owning those feelings completely. Whenever I’m feeling sad, as long as I get to sit with those feelings for a while, I’m fine. The song has a certain kind of loneliness attached to it, thoughts of others not understanding your feelings. Hopefully people can release to that.

~ Sval

“GRENADE” sees Sval’s reinvented sound as a bold and euphoric name on the rise. Working alongside her regular collaborators Jimi Somewhere and Milo Orchis, her newest offering delivers a brilliantly raw and explosive direction that signals the beginning of her next enigmatic phase. We look forward to hearing what she has to offer next! Stream the single below:

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