Suriel Hess Just Wants to “Feel Love” in Newest Indietronica Pop Single

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LA-based singer/songwriter Suriel Hess shares a deeply personal message about love, or lack thereof, in his latest single. “Feel Love” is a journey into Suriel’s personal journal, describing the feeling of being judged by someone close to you while you are trying to express yourself. Whether it is a parent, significant other, or friend, sometimes their comments can cause pain when all you want is to feel love. Even if there is no malicious intent, the sense of non-acceptance can cut deep, and it can be hard to come back from that. Suriel explores a wide range of emotions stemming from hurtful comments in “Feel Love.”

Suriel Hess is an independent and versatile writer and guitarist, with a style ranging from folk to pop. He began posting covers and original songs on YouTube while traveling to LA in his RV and amassed a following of 484K subscribers. He has been featured on One’s To Watch, Early Rising, Lyrical Lemonade, We Found New Music, and many more. He released his independent EP, over thinking, at the end of 2020 which received placements on Spotify’s Chill Pop, Fresh Finds: Pop, Dinner with Friends, and Study Break playlists. He has since released three tracks in 2021, with “Feel Love” being the latest. Explaining the meaning behind the track, Suriel reveals,

“Feel Love” is about pushing back against being told to change who you are simply to please others, and it expresses the pain of feeling that pressure from someone who you love. It’s my way of standing my ground in the face of judgement and reminding myself and everyone else that ultimately all we want is to love and feel loved.

Everyone just wants to love and feel loved because love is an inherent part of humanity. It’s a common emotion that we are all capable of. And we are all deserving of the sort of love that we give to others. But sometimes, oftentimes, we don’t get what we deserve. It’s this side of love that Suriel explores in his track, filled with sad-adjacent lyrics and soft piano melodies. Despite the sorrowful nature of the lyrics in the verses, which reveal the extent to which Suriel feels hurt by the words spoken to him, this song is inherently powerful. The track builds into a cathartic chorus that energetically gives listeners the song title. Not only are the vocals filled with an incredible amount of strength, but the indietronica pop production gives the track a glistening silver lining. He approaches the track from an understanding point of view – recognizing that the other person doesn’t necessarily mean to hurt him, but also acknowledging his own emotions and standing his ground. Because at the end of the day, we are all deserving of the sort of love that we give to others.

Listen to Suriel Hess’s “Feel Love” below.

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